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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

I often get asked, “How and Why did you get into the Reverse Mortgage business?”  It is my Uncle Bubby’s (Ray) fault!  Uncle Ray was directly responsible for the How and indirectly responsible for the Why – two influences for which I am eternally grateful!  From my earliest memories, Uncle Ray emphasized the importance of family and personal relationships. His ever-present smile and contagious laugh bring joy to those around him.  He has taught me to look for the good in people and be quick to serve.

My Why!

As I entered college at the University of Texas at Austin, I had dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  Though it took a couple of years, I realized I liked Business more than Biology and graduated the McCombs School of Business with a degree in Finance and Accounting.  However, as my business career unfolded, I continued to unpack the attraction and motivation for wanting to be a doctor.  What did I ultimately discover?  At my core, I truly love helping people!  Thank you, Uncle Ray, for instilling the desire to help and serve others.

The How

The story of Mimi, my Aunt Janet’s (Ray’s mother-in-law) precious mother.  Mimi was 98 years young, always dressed to the nines and personified the definition of class.  She carried herself with great dignity and certainly wished to preserve her dignity in her later years.  The tremendous cost of treating her Alzheimer’s disease over her long life had depleted her funds.  Thus, she was faced with a conundrum….how to continue paying for care while still living independently in her home?  This is when Ray and Janet learned about Reverse Mortgages.   It was the perfect solution! Unfortunately, before Mimi could secure her reverse mortgage, Mimi went to be with Jesus in Heaven.  However, the reverse mortgage seed had been planted.

Mimi was the reason, but the journey took another turn.  Ray and Janet were ready to sell their home of 40 years.  It was time to downsize, lower maintenance cost, and design a home for their current lifestyle.  However, the price was going to increase their monthly expenses and decrease their disposable retirement income.

Not exactly the desired scenario for a less stressful retirement.  The answer – a Reverse Mortgage!  They got their beautiful dream home without putting their retirement income at risk and can live there forever. Now, the monthly house payment is $0 for life.  If they follow Mimi’s path (98 years), that’s a long time with a $0 house payment without creating any liability for their heirs.  Both Ray and Janet confirm the reverse mortgage has brought them an incredible sense of peace and allowed them to focus on their 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

Couple Standing Together
Ray and Janet Massey

Top Houston, Texas Producer

The story doesn’t end here…Ray saw and experienced what a reverse mortgage can do for retiring seniors.  He was hooked!  He still wanted to be active and help others.  Thus, Ray started Ray Massey Reverse Mortgage and has become one of the top volume agents in United States focused on the Houston, Texas market.

Following the Footsteps

Following in Uncle Ray’s footsteps, Empower Reverse Mortgage was born to serve the needs of seniors in Colorado.  I am a straight-shooting, Christ following, reverse mortgage specialist who would be honored to serve you.  Call me now for your free, no obligation consultation to see if a reverse mortgage is the right fit for you!

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